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Summer Holiday Expectations vs Reality

Summer holidays are meant to be all sunshine but sometimes it's just a bit soggy...

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  August 4th 2017

Expectation: You can chill out all day!

What do you do when there’s no school for six whole weeks?Nothing, if you can get away with it – it’s the perfect chance to relax and unwind in a huge hammockBliss!

Reality: Your parents make you help round the house!

The reality of the six weeks holiday is that your parents have been secretly writing a list of jobs for you to do around the homeVacuuming, cleaning the windows and the most dreaded chore of all – tidying your room!Well, that’ll keep you busy until September…

Minions | Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment

Expectation: It will be super sunny!

There’s bound to be hot sunshine every day during the school holidays, right?

Teletubbies | BBC

Reality: Rain!

Wrong! It will rain almost every day if the British weather has anything to do with itAnd to think you were going to wear shorts and t-shirts…

Tarzan | Walt Disney Pictures

Expectation: You can stay up late!

With no school, you can catch up on all your favourite cartoons and films. Amazing!


Reality: Your parents still make you go to bed!

That's a special parents law, we're afraid! 

Conan | Conaco

Expectation: Delicious BBQs!

There's nothing that smells nicer than a BBQ on a hot sunny day, is there? Burgers, sausages and hey, we'll even have a crisp salad too...

Summer BBQ: M & S Grill | YouTube

Reality: Soggy sausages!

Good luck trying to keep the BBQ lit when there's an epic storm directly over your garden!


Expectation: Pool parties!

If you ever get the chance to hang out by an outdoor pool, grab the chance with both hands – it's amazingDon't forget your pool floats too!

Reality: Rubbish paddling pools!

In reality, the closest the most of us will ever get to a pool party is standing around a tiny paddling pool in the pouring rain Oh look, the dog has decided to have a bath in it...Shall we go inside and give the hallway a vacuum?

BenAndEthan Tube | YouTube