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Summer of Adventure - How Much Do You Know About Camping?

How much do you really know about camping? We're here to test you on everything camping! Take our ultimate camping quiz and see if you really know the (guy) ropes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 4th 2021

Are you ready for a camping adventure? Take our test and see if you're ready for the great outdoors!

1/12 Snowman in tent in snowy woods with yellow splat

When's the best time of year to go camping?

2/12 Tent on hillside with yellow splat

Which of these places would be the best place to camp?

3/12 Camping equipment on white background with question mark

Which one of these is NOT an essential camping item?

4/12 Tents in forest with Beano tiger and capybara

What is wild camping?

5/12 Camping at night time with splat and Beano bat

What's the best way to put out a campfire?

6/12 Tent on white background with screaming pineapple

What should you do with any rubbish you have?

7/12 Tent on mountain with Beano egg and Nessie

True or false: you can camp anywhere in Scotland?

8/12 Sausauges with googly eyes being cooked on campfire

Which of these foods is best for camping?

9/12 Bears in the wild and Beano bear

What should you look out for when camping in the UK?

10/12 Children camping in garden with derpy panda

What's a guy rope?

11/12 Scottish bothy with arrow

What's a bothy?

12/12 Camping equipment with question mark

True or false: you should always leave the tent flap open while sleeping?

Highest result

Camping connoisseur! You're a camping expert and you're ready for the wilderness!

Well done result

Well done, you know enough about camping to get out there and start exploring!

Try again result

Not bad, but you'll need to know a bit more than that if you want to go camping! Try again!

Oh no result

Uh oh! You're clueless when it comes to camping! Try again!