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How to Draw A Snake!

The adventure continues in the Jittery Jungle - so learn how to draw this slithering serpent!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 24th 2022

Terrific or terrifying - snakes are very cool animals and just as fun to draw. Pick up a pencil and have a go recreating thisss ssslithering ssserpent! You might even win a prize!

You will need:

  • Some art supplies. This could be crayons, felt tip pens, a feathered quill, or even a toothbrush dipped in jam. Anything you fancy, really.
  • Erm...that's it.

Step 1

Draw a squashed oval shape. This will become the snake's head. We'll be filling in the eyes and fangs later.

Step 2

Now add a long, smooth neck.

Step 3

Now draw the neck curling round underneath. This snake is going to be coiled up, so imagine it all twisting round in circles. This is a bit tricky to draw so don't worry if it takes you a few goes to get right!

Step 3

Continue drawing the snake coils. Or should that be snoils*?


Step 4

And for the tail... Like so!

Step 5

It's finally time to add those snakey features. Big reptile eyes, flickering tongue... you could even draw some venemous fangs here if you fancied. And who doesn't fancy fangs?

Step 6

And now fill in the blanks! Your snake can be any colour at all - you could base it on a real life snake, or just make something up. Here are some more ideas!

The Lesser-Spotted Lemon Meringue Snake

Or how's about...

The Sparkling Rainbow Constrictor!

Can you think of any other snake designs?