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Summer of Adventure โ€“ Jungle Quiz

They're dark, mysterious and full of wriggling, shrieking things. But how much do you know about jungles really? Answer these questions and we'll find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 12th 2021

What's the biggest jungle in the world?


The Jungle Book has a character in it called Baloo. What kind of animal is Baloo?


This monkey is famous for making really loud noises. What is it called?

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Jungles are... what?


Which of these animals do you NOT get in tropical jungles?


Which of these foods are NOT found in jungles?

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All rainforests are jungles - but not all jungles are rainforests. True or false?


There are pink dolphins in the Amazon rainforest. True or false?


Trees in a rainforest can be so tightly packed together that it can take a quite a long time for rain to reach the ground. How long?


Rainforests are getting bigger. True or false?

Eep. Better go back and see where you wrong, skip!

Hmmm. 'Rangtang here reckons you could do better than this. Have another go?

Pretty good! Just missed out on a high score though - can you get a higher one on a different quiz?

Wahoo! You're unstoppable! You know loads about jungles! Top work!