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Summer of Adventure: Mountain Quiz

Of all the quizzes in the Beano's Summer of Fun, this one about Mountains is surely the most epic and majestic!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 26th 2021

Mountains are famous for their nasty habit of suddenly dropping huge avalanches, conjuring terrifying storms and - of course - their impressive heights. So yes, it's true. Like most people, mountains are our favourite huge lumps of rock protruding from the Earth. How many mountains can you name? We bet it's more than the number of swamps you can name! Swamps are the worst!

Anyway, back to mountains. See how you do in our Mountain quiz. For every question you get right you'll climb a little higher up the awesome metaphorical quiz peak that is Mt Beano! On your marks, get set...CLIMB!

1/10 Mount Everest

What is the highest mountain in the world?


Which mountain has the tallest peak in Great Britain?


3/10 Which country is Snowdon in?


What is the tallest mountain in England?


Which mountain range crosses Tibet in Asia

6/10 A cow hiding an unusual amount of stomachs in its belly

Which of these mountain ranges would you find in Europe?


This lady wasn't one of the first people to climb Mount Everest. Which one of the adventurers below, was?

8/10 A person clearly keen on doing homework

What did a famous mountaineer say when he was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest?


In which of these mountain range might you see a cougar?


Which mountain range crosses the USA?

You didn't leave base camp. You're still wrapped up snug and tight in your sleeping bag and enjoying a hot cup of coca. There's no shame in that. Check out our Summer of Adventure: Mountain facts to do some research before your next major expedition!

You got half way up the Mt Beano. Not bad. Many skilled mountaineers didn't get this far. Next time check out our Summer of Adventure: Mountain facts to do some research before your next major expedition!

You reached the summit of Mt Beano! AWESOME climbing skills