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Summer of Adventure โ€“ Swamp Quiz

How much do you know about these wet and murky places? Take this swampy trivia quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 16th 2021

When adults claim to be 'swamped' with stuff to do, do they really mean they're up to their knees in muddy water, bugs and floating plants. We doubt it.

Are you ready to test your actual swamp knowledge? Let's go, but carefully.


Swamps are...


Which one of these things are swamps most like?


Which of these animals DOESN'T live in swamps?


Swamps are only in hot, sticky places like Florida. True or false?

@pbsnature | giphy

Swamps have very high biodiversity. What does this mean?


Which of these US states is the swampiest?

@bbcearth | giphy

Which of these words isn't a name for swampy kind of place?


Most of the world's largest swampy area is in Brazil. What other massive thing does Brazil have most of?


Which of these continents is the only place on Earth that doesn't have any swamps?

@headlikeanorange | giphy

Which of these things ISN'T true?

Uh oh! That's one irritable alligator! Quick - better go back and see where you went wrong. And make it snappy!

Not bad! Could do better though - have another go?

Niiiiiiiiicely done! You know loads about swamps! You just missed out on a high score though, so have another quick go and see if you can spot where you went wrong?

Wahoooooooo! Nailed it. You're a swamp expert!