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Summer of Adventure - What % Bear Grylls Are You?

Are you a born adventurer, or would you rather stay inside on the sofa? Take our quiz and see what % Bear Grylls you are! Are you ready for the great outdoors?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 19th 2021

We've got a quiz to determine just how much of a Bear Grylls you are - are you a natural adventurer?

1/12 Woman in wilderness with yellow splats

Would you describe yourself as adventurous?

2/12 Edible grubs and shocked emoji

Have you ever eaten a bug?

3/12 Tough out door man and derpy llama next to waterfall

Do you have a tough sounding name?

4/12 Woman in jungle with farting monkey

What would you do if you were abandoned in the jungle?

5/12 Man in jungle reading map with Beano sloth

Can you make a campfire?

6/12 Hand examining flower with face under magnifying glass

How many types of plant can you identify?

7/12 Man drinking water from leaf with arrow

If it came to it, would you drink your own wee?

8/12 Woman covering her face on white background with Beano spider and chimp face

Are you scared of anything?

9/12 Butler with feather duster in fancy room with derpy pizza slice

Do you come from a posh family?

10/12 Woman in jungle with screaming pineapple

Which of these words best describes you?

11/12 Stick shelter in forest with arrow and screaming pineapple

Can you make a shelter using only twigs and string?

12/12 Papua New Guinea scene with yellow splats and Beano dolphin head

Choose a location

100% Bear result

100% Bear Grylls

Wow, are you the ACTUAL Bear Grylls? You're a bona fide outdoors type!

75% Bear result

75% Bear Grylls

Well done! Looks like you could survive a night in the wild no problem!

25% Bear result

25% Bear Grylls

Hmmm, less Bear Grylls and more panda bear, but you probably like going outside sometimes

0% Bear

0% Bear Grylls

More like Bear Chills out on the sofa! Don't go into the wilderness please, you wouldn't last 5 minutes!