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Summer Survival: How to Survive In The Jungle

Follow these top tips to survive in the jungle!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Uh oh, looks like you're stuck in the jungle!  Don't worry, follow these excellent survival tips and you'll be home and dry in no time. And remember, whatever happens, DON'T DRINK YOUR WEE!

Don't drink your own wee

You might have heard that if you're thirsty and can't find water, you should drink your wee. This is a terrible idea. Not only does it taste terrible, it won't quench your thirst at all! If you can't find water, just have a milkshake instead. 

Make a shelter

The jungle might seem hot and humid in the day time but pretty soon it's going to get dark and cold. So you need a shelter! Build one out of anything you can find - sticks, leaves, chewing gum, your dad's boring train magazines, anything!


If you want to survive in the jungle, you're going to have to blend in. Find some leaves and mud and get camouflaging. You'll disappear instantly!  Alternatively, you could paint stripes on yourself and pretend to be a tiger. No one would be able to tell. 

Eat some bugs

Ok, yes, it sounds gross but bugs are actually full of protein and make a great crunchy snack! You'll need to keep your energy up so get eating! Just don't give them names first, it'll make it even harder to say goodbye. 

Stay near water

If you can find a stream or river and follow it, eventually you'll come to civilisation. But don't get IN the water - there could be anything in there - piranhas, river sharks, other people's wee.  

Entertain yourself

It's going to get boring in the jungle. So you need to keep your spirits up. Do anything you can to keep yourself entertained. Start a talent contest with yourself (You're bound to win!) make yourself some neat new clothes from bark and leaves, or make a companion out of a coconut on a stick. Endless hours of fun!