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Summer Survival: Make a Theme Park at Home

Missing your favourite summer day out? Never fear, this DIY theme park how-to guide is here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Want to go to a theme park but can't? Us too.

But don't worry!

Follow this handy guide and you can build your very own theme park at home!
*Giant rollercoasters not included.

1. Name your Theme Park!

Have you picked a theme for your theme park? This can be tricky but here's a top tip: you can pretty much take anything you like and add "World" or "Land of Adventures" onto the end. Trip to Cupboard Under the Stairs World, anyone?

2. Make a Water Slide!

It's time to build your first ride - a water slide! Take a strip of plastic sheet - you can cut-up a bin bag for this - and lay it out on the ground. Splash a load of water everywhere, take a running jump and slide down it on your belly! You can make this ride even better by using a longer piece of plastic, adding curves or hills, or ending it with a splash into a paddling pool. This works best in a garden, but you might be able to do it in the bathroom too! Don't forget to ask permission from an adult first!

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3. Queuing

Well it wouldn't be a trip to a theme park without waiting in line for hours and hours! The best part about this is remembering you can stop and do something else - any time you want! Maybe a DIY theme park is better than the real thing after all?

4. Make a Ghost Train

It's time for another ride! Find a nice dark room and build a walk-through ghost train, complete with spooky skeletons and sudden jump scares! You can even get a friend or relative to jump out at guests from a cupboard! OoOoOoOoh!

5. Eat Some Theme Park Snacks!

You'll need a bit of help from a grown-up for this one... but have a go making some classic theme park food like toffee apples, hot dogs, or doughnuts! Extra points if you can match the theme of your park with your menu!

6. Play Some Stall Games

Set up some theme park-style sideshows and games! Hook-a-duck is an easy one to play in the bath, or just stack up cans in a pyramid and see how many you can knock down!