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Summer Survival: Video Game Facts

How many of these awesome video games facts do you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Gameboys in Space!

The Nintendo Gameboy is so popular it's even been played in space by astronauts on the Russian MIR space station! Well they have to keep themselves busy somehow, right?

2. Minecraft is about as big as Neptune

The map is Minecraft is GIGANTIC - and by gigantic we mean 4 times larger than Earth gigantic! Woah!

Minecraft | Mojang

3. A Playstation Supercomputer?

The US Air Force built a supercomputer out of 1,700 Playstation 3's stuck together. The computer cost $2 million and can solve a trillion maths problems every second! Very cool - but it might be more fun to play games on them!

4. The Forbidden Floss

A primary school in Devon banned their students from doing the floss because they didn't like them playing Fortnite. Spoilsports.  

Fortnite / Robert E. Blackmon | giphy

5. Super Smash Bros Fan Fiction?

A Super Smash Bros super-fan has written an incredibly long unofficial story about the game. It's over 3 and a half million words long, which actually makes it the longest story ever written in the English language!

Super Smash Bros | Nintendo

6. Woody or Mario?

Another Nintendo fact for you - the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks (he's the voice of Woody from Toy Story) once tried out to be the voice of Mario. Here he is with a guy with a Woody tattoo (why??) Tom didn't get the job unfortunately - maybe he's not Italian enough?

@tomhanks | instagram

7. Gaming can be GOOD for you!

Playing games regularly can help you make quick decisions. One study even found that surgeons who play games make 37% less mistakes, and work 27% faster! 

8. Sonic the...armadillo?

That's right - Sonic the hedgehog was almost an armadillo! Before SEGA decided on a hedgehog they tried making him a few different things - a porcupine, a dog, even an old man with a moustache!

9. Stupid Kong

If you ever wondered why the main character in Donkey Kong is a gorilla not a donkey, it's because the Japanese designers of the game thought "donkey" meant "stupid" in English. Bit harsh.

Donkey Kong | Nintendo

10. Guitar Superhero!

There's BIG money in video games - in fact, some real-world rockstars make more money from Guitar Hero than they do from their albums! If they weren't so rich, they might find that a bit embarrassing!