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Super Useful Organisation Hacks!

It's time to get organised and we've got all of the best hacks to help you get sorted! Check out the video below and be inspired!

Here’s a breakdown of all the hacks in the video!

1. Store bits and bobs in clean empty jars to keep things tidy

@Macerly | YouTube

2. Add glitter to the bottom of plastic trays to make them sparkle and make your storage boxes look way cooler

@Nathalie Muñoz | YouTube

3. Make a paper organiser using an old cereal box. Just cut the top off and cut out triangles on both sides of the box (so it looks like the box in the picture) Then cover in paper and decorate however you want.

@TheSorryGirls | YouTube

4. Use different colour clips to colour coordinate the plugs in your room and then make a key so you can see which colour is for which wire

@MayBaby | YouTube

5. Customise your pens using cool tape. It will help you remember which pens are yours at school.

@MissMikaylaG | YouTube

6. Pack your bag the night before school so you don’t forget anything

@MissMikaylaG | YouTube

7. Use toilet roles to tidy away wires. Just decorate the role and then tuck the wires inside.

@AlishaMarie | YouTube