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What SuperM Member are You?

Which member of this South Korean supergroup are you most like? Take this scientific and slightly random quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 A plant pot

What's your favourite hobby?

2/10 Pinky promise

How would your friends describe you?

3/10 A dog celebrating a birthday

Pick your birthday month!

4/10 A man holding a fly swatter

What annoys you the most?

5/10 A pizza delivery man

What's your favourite food?

6/10 Clown shoes

What's the best thing to wear at a celebrity party?

7/10 A woman holding some shopping bags

You get a online shopping voucher for your birthday, so you can choose whatever you want. What will you get?

8/10 A woman celebrating something, surrounded by balloons

You've just reached 5 TRILLION followers on Instagram. How do you celebrate?

9/10 A magician

What's your party trick?

10/10 A relaxing dog

What do you do to relax after a long day of being famous?

Ten from SuperM
@tenlee_1001 | Instagram

You are: Ten!

You can speak four languages, play the guitar and enjoy drawing! 

Baekhyun from SuperM
@baekhyunee_exo | Instagram

You are: Baekhyun!

You have a powerful voice and fun to be around. Your nickname is Bacon, for some reason.

Lucas from SuperM
@lucas_xx444 | Instagram

You are: Lucas!

You're the group's lead rapper and once wanted to be a fire fighter!

Kai from SuperM
@zkdlin | Instagram

You are: Kai!

You're a brilliant dancer and can do everything from ballet to popping and locking. You are also kind and quiet. Apart from when you sing, obviously.