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10 Majestic Fun Facts About Swans

Check out these 10 fun facts about Swans!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 6th 2022

Swans are the kind of bird that everyone can identify, but how much do you really know about Swans. Do you know about their dark side? Did you know the come in black as well? And do you know who owns every single Mute Swan in England and Wales (Clue: It’s not mega-rich YouTuber Mr Beast). Find out all these things with our 10 Majestic Fun Facts About Swans!

1. Swans are massive!

The biggest swan is the Trumpeter swan. They’re the heaviest flying bird in North America. The wingspan of a Trumpeter swan can reach up to 10 feet!

2. Baby Swans are called Cygnets!

Cygnets keep their name until they're a year old at which time they are considered to have grown-up. Then an adult male swan is called a cob and an adult female swan is known as a pen!

3. Swans mate for life!

Swans choose a mate which they will stay with for the rest of their lives. It’s all very romantic but shockingly, recent research into Australian Swans has revealed one in six cygnets is the product of an out-of-relationship mating. Not quite the loyal birds their reputation suggests!

4. Don’t mess with Swans!

Swans can be very aggressive and territorial, even going as far as attacking canoeists and randoms passing on their way to work as a Beano Quiz writer. It’s more common during the breeding season, which sees Swans hissing, flapping, and swimming directly at anything they might see as a threat! Eeek, we’re getting flashbacks!

5. Swans have their own Constellation!

Cygnus (or the Northern Cross) is a visible constellation of stars up in space. In Greek mythology, the stars show Orpheus, who was turned into a swan after he died!

6. Swans live for a long time!

Swans can live up to 20 years in the wild! It sounds pretty impressive but - not showing off or anything - The Laysan Albatross is capable of laying eggs at 70 years old!

7. Swans have gone GLOBAL!

Swans can be found around the globe. Although they’re more common in the Northern Hemisphere, some species live in Australasia and South America. Most Swans are found in North America!

8. Swans can sleep anywhere!

Well, almost anywhere. They probably can’t afford to stay at a bungalow in Centre Parks. However, Swans can sleep on land or water. BONUS FACT: If they choose to sleep on the river bank they will usually have their nap standing on one leg.

9. The Queen is Swan Greedy

All of the mute swans in England and Wales are owned by the Queen of England. This doesn’t mean she eats a Swan for Christmas. Apparently, Swans taste a little fishy so she prefers a more traditional roast Goose followed by a whole Chocolate Orange.

10. You can get Black Swans too!

Black swans are native to Australia and New Zealand. Aboriginal legend speaks of two injured white swans being given spare feathers by friendly crows! Meanwhile - in Europe - people didn’t realise they existed until Dutch “explorer” Willem de Vlamingh spotted one from his boat.