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10 Question TanqR Quiz: Are You An Expert?

TanqR is a giant of Roblox, but how much do you know really know about them?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  May 7th 2022

There are lots of famous Roblox players out there, but not many are as big as TanqR! Why not take this quick quiz and find out how well you know this player and their style? So then - what are you waiting for? It’s time to prove your skill!


What game does TanqR play?


What is TanqR's second channel called?


Who is TanqR's rival?

YouTube | TanqR

What game-mode does TanqR usually play?


What is the name of his Roblox collective?


What year was TanqR born?


When did he start as a YouTuber?


What type of hat has he uploaded to the Avatar shop?


What is the name of his avatar buddy?


Which member of TanqR’s family plays Roblox with him?

YouTube | TanqR

Uh Oh! Are you sure you weren't thinking of Kreekcraft while you were doing this quiz? Why not have another go and see if you can do a bit better?

YouTube | TanqR

Not bad! You clearly know your diamonds from your iron. But is that enough? TanqR would be proud of you regardless - but why not retry this quiz and see if you can do ever better?!

YouTube | TanqR

Wow! What a great score! You definitely know a thing or two about TanqR, maybe with a little bit more work you can join the RoGang with him?

YouTube | TanqR

Incredible! Full marks! TanqR would be very very impressed - so impressed he's probably go 1-on-1 with you if he knew how much you knew about him! Excellent work! What's next?!