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Taylor Swift evermore Quiz

We all know and love Taylor Swift, but are you the evermore expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 3rd 2024

There aren’t many albums that really shine through the shade and show the true talents of Taylor Swift - but evermore does! So get ready and try your hand to see if you can ace this evermore quiz and claim glory for yourself! Long story short, LET’S GO!


How does Taylor wear her hair on the album cover?


Where is Taylor Swift from?


What aesthetic is evermore?


What island is track 9?


What album came out just before evermore?


In 2020 what did evermore win?


In the video for Willow, how does Taylor get to the imaginary land?


What artist did Taylor feature on the track evermore?


If you chose Coney for question 4, well done - but where is Coney Island?


Which album came out after evermore?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Oh dear! It looks like you’re not as familiar with Taylor Swift’s work as you might have thought! You haven’t scored so well here, so it might be worth having another try and seeing if you can do better? Or maybe go outside instead, or have a cup of tea…

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere, you’ve got a pretty good knowledge of evermore - maybe not the best in the world, but that’s okay - maybe you'll surprise us all if you try the quiz again? Just like how Taylor surprised us all with the album release so soon after the last one!

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Awesome! You’ve smashed this! You’ve scored really well on this quiz and shown that there isn’t much you don’t know about Taylor Swift’s evermore! Well done! Enjoy the glory, ‘tis the damned season for quizzing so give yourself a pat on the back! If you feel like having another go though, you can always try the quiz again to get full marks - or else, we’ve got loads of other quizzes on the site, why not check them out!?

Pow! You’ve done it! There’s literally no more you could have done here! You’ve scored full marks and you’ve got the quiz trophy to prove it! Well done! What an epic result - there’s nothing you don’t know about evermore and it shows - congrats! Now enjoy the victory - or you could always have a go at one of the other quizzes on the site - how about that?!