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Taylor Swift Lover Quiz

Lover is one of Taylor Swift’s greatest albums, but how well do you know it?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

We all know what an amazing artist Taylor Swift is - but do you think you’ve got the knowledge to put it to the test? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with this quiz, because if you say that you know Lovers - it’s only right that you can prove it! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get into it!


Which country is Taylor Swift from?


What year did she release Lover?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Who is the voice of The Man?


Who features on ME!


Which country is the video for ME! set?


What is ‘You Need To Calm Down’ about?


What does Taylor love?


Finish this track name - Cruel…


In Lover, what are Taylor’s Rings made of?


Who directed the music video for The Man?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Oh no! It looks like this quiz isn’t quite right for you today - maybe it’s the wind - or something... You might not have scored very well at all on this quiz, but that’s okay - you can always have another go? It might go better another time around? Of course you could always give up and have a quizzy journey through some of the other challenges and fact pages we’ve got here!

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Alright! Now we’re really getting somewhere - you clearly know at least something about Lover the album! According to your score, you’re at least on the right track, but you might need to dedicate a little bit more time to your studies! So keep trying, you never know what might be around the corner - maybe quiz greatness? Who knows!?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Awesome! Amazing work, there’s barely anything about Tay Tay’s Lover that you DON’T know so give yourself a round of applause! Of course if you’re feeling brave and brainy you can always try the quiz again, you might even be able to score full marks?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Wow! You did it! You know everything that there is to know about Taylor Swift’s album and you’ve got the results to prove it! Savour your victory and feel free to brag to all your friends, why not see if they can beat your score, or at least match you?! If you want another challenge, we’ve got loads more quizzes on our site just waiting! Why not have a look around and see if something takes your fancy!