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Tell us Your Favourite Taylor Swift Song and We’ll Give You an NFL Team

Love NFL and Taylor Swift? Then this is the quiz for you! Click here and we'll tell what your music tastes say about your favourite NFL team!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 29th 2024

OK! This is a good one! Taylor Swift has produced so many albums and tracks it can hard be hard to remember all of them. But what if each era and each of Taylor's styles matched an NFL team? Well - maybe they do! It's time to pick a football team through Taylor's amazing music!

So let's get choosing some tracks and we'll soon find out which NFL team is your favourite!

Taylor Swift | Cardigan | Taylor Swift / Rebecca Skinner

Pick an album:

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

Pick a track:

3/10 A woman and a frog play guitar

Now pick another track:

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

What Taylor Swift song do you have stuck in your head right now?

5/10 A recording studio

What's your favourite thing about Taylor Swift?

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

Now pick a really old Taylor Swift song:

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

Next Taylor song! Choose one!

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

And another!

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

And pick another Taylor track:

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

Last one! No pressure!

You got the Miami Dolphins!

You like Taylor Swift songs that are a real mix of her different eras - but you prefer those that sound smooth, fun, and approachable - like a dolphin! They just click for you! So what better NFL team for you than the team from Miami, the coolest city in Florida and home of the Dolphins! Not sure about this one? Have another go and see what you get next time!

You got the Dallas Cowboys!

You love country Taylor! Her old classic albums and hits like "Mean" are your favourite, so what better team than the Dallas Cowboys from the deep South of the USA! They're the most country out of the lot! Not sure about this team? Not to worry - you can always have another go and see what NFL team you get next time!

You got the Las Vegas Raiders!

Your Taylor Swift choices show that you like big, show-stopping entertainment! So Taylor's anthems from Reputation, and lots of her classic sing-a-long bangers. So what better team than the Las Vegas Raiders, from the city that clearly knows how to put a show on! Not sure if this is the NFL team for you? Have another go at this quiz and see who you get next time!

You got the Denver Broncos!

Your favourite Taylor Swift era is Folklore and any of her more cottagecore-y tracks. You'd love to snuggle up in a wooden cabin in the mountains listening to Taylor Swift or discussing football tactics - and Colorado is the state to do that! So it's the Denevr Broncos for you! We don't make the rules up! But if you'd like a different team you can always try again!