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Taylor Swift Red Quiz

Red is an album from Taylors earlier days, how well do you know it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

Red sent Taylor Swift’s fame into hyperdrive and with such amazing songs it’s no surprise. So if you think that you've got the memory and skills to get full marks on this quiz then step right up and see what you can do! Let’s get this done!


Where is Taylor Swift from?


What year was Red released?


What album came out before Red?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

We are never ever…


What colour do you get when you mix red and blue?


I don’t know about you…


What is Taylor wearing at the start of the video for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?


Which artist features on ‘Everything Has Changed’?


Where does Taylor Swift wake up in the video for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’?

10/10 A woman enjoying some music

What album came out after Red?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Oh no! It looks like you’re not as familiar with Taylor Swift’s songs as you thought. Your score isn’t quite up to scratch, but that’s okay—why not give it another try? You’ve got to start somewhere right? You could always take a little break though, hop on outside and smell the flowers?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Alright! You’re starting to get the hang of this and you’ve shown some real promise! Your score isn’t too bad so don’t worry! Keep going, and if you try the quiz again you might score full marks! Who knows!?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Awesome! You’ve done really well on this quiz, there’s nearly nothing you don’t know about Red. Great job! Give yourself a high five, or at least a round of applause! But if you want to get an even higher score, you can always try the quiz again. But if you’re not feeling that we’ve lots of other great quizzes on the site so why not see if you can beat them too?

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Wow! You did it! You got a perfect score, Taylor would be proud! Congratulations! You know everything about Red, nothing gets past you! When it comes to quizzes, we knew you were trouble when you first logged on! Enjoy your victory and why not celebrate by listening to some of your favourite Taylor Swift tracks?!