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Taylor Swift’s Video Secrets!

Did you know there was a Viking hidden in Taylor Swift's Shake It Off video?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2017

There are loads of things people don't notice in the video for Shake It Off...

Watch the video again, but really carefully. Did you notice the velociraptor in the background? 

Taylor Swift on YouTube

Or the burglars within her group of ballerinas...

Look again! We barely noticed that Taylor Swift's ballet crew were wearing masks to disguise their identity. Fiendish!

Taylor Swift on YouTube

Or the backing dancer struggling to keep hold of a fish!

We didn't spot this the first time we watched the Shake It Off video – fish are very tricky to keep a hold of.We bet that dancer felt silly when he saw the video with his friends. Fun fact: the goldfish is called Keith and has appeared in many pop videos

Taylor Swift on YouTube

And nobody ever notices the secret Viking!

Even though the Viking age ended almost 1,000 years ago, that doesn't stop them from popping up every now and then. Did you spot them? Our inside source says that this particular dancer arrived on set in a massive longboat, but had to leave their sword and shield in the cloakroom

Taylor Swift on YouTube