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Test Cricket Quiz That’ll Have You Stumped!

Find out your first innings score with our Test Cricket Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 15th 2022

How much do you really know about Test Cricket. Well, it’s time to pad up because it’s your turn to face an over and a bit of fast-bowled, quiz questions that’ll really have you stumped! We’ll try to catch you out with some tricky googlies and a seamer or too but, at the very least, you should be creased with laughter. Howzat for starters?

*Try this quiz twice to work out your first and second innings score!


How many days does a full-length test match last?


What’s the minimum lead you need to force a follow on?


What are slips?


How many times might you bat in a test match?


What are the series of Test Cricket matches between England and Australia called?

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6/10 What colour caps do the Australian Cricket test cricket team play in?


Who was made England Test Cricket captain in April 2022?


Who is the Captain of England Women’s Test Cricket team?


Which type of ball would you never have to defend in a test cricket match?


You’re the captain and your side is batting well and has a massive lead but your worried your team won’t have time to bowl the opposition out resulting in a draw. What do you do?

Out for a duck. You didn’t score very well at all and some poor strokes lead to you being LBW, hit-wicket and caught out all in the same ball! Spend a day or two watching some test cricket and try again later to work out your second innings score!

Out for 9. Caught in the slips! A promising start, and you even managed a boundary, but you went for a shot you should’ve left and edged the ball to a slip fielder. Try again to work out your second innings score!

A half century! You scored 54. A great batting performance that steadied your team. The six was a highlight but you were eventually caught and bowled by a spin bowler. Have another go to find out your second innings score!

A century! You scored 123 not out. A brilliant display of batting that eventually ended with your strike partner being caught at the boundary. Classic number 11! You win the test!