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The Ultimate 'The 1975' Quiz!

How much do you know about the band The 1975?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 22nd 2022
1/10 Table tennis bat and balls

Why are they called The 1975?

2/10 A sleeping kitten

Why do they like it when you sleep?


3/10 What country are The 1975 from?

4/10 A crowd of people and a pineapple

How many full time members are in The 1975?

5/10 A game of rugby

According to The 1975, what should you give yourself?


6/10 What country do they sing about liking (which likes them back)?

7/10 A president standing at a podium

What might The 1975 demand a brief enquiry into?

8/10 A person thinking about The 1975

What is the full name of the singer Matthew Healy?

9/10 A bar of soap

The 1975's lead singer's mum starred in which soap opera?

10/10 A brain

What internal organ completes The1975 song title? The Ballad of Me and My...

Result: Superfail

Ah! I see you thought this was a quiz about what happened in 1975 when it's actually about the band "The 1975". SUPERFAIL

Result: Result

Result! You know a bit about 1975

Result: 1975 Superfail

The Ballad of Me and My MASSIVE brain, more like!