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The 4 Best Pranks You Can Play on Your Parents!

Pranking your own parents might be the ultimate naughty dare, so here are 4 simple pranks you can try on them right now!

Here at Beano we absolutely love pranks! And while we’ve all probably pranked our best mates and school friends until they can’t take anymore pranking, there’s one pranking goal that we’d be really impressed with, and that is a pranking of our parents! So here are four fairly easy pranks and tricks you can play on mum or dad, or both, right now! Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do the pranks shown in the video. 

Cereal Prank Step 1

Make a normal bowl of cereal but then put it in the freezer.

Cereal Prank Step 2

Tell your parents you’ve made them breakfast. They’ll be so happy! 

Cereal Prank Step 3

When they try to eat the cereal they’l realise that they can’t get the spoon in because the milk is frozen! 

Brownies Prank Step 1

Paint some white paper or card brown.

Brownies Prank Step 2

Cut out some letters Es from the paper then put them in a baking tray covered with foil.

Brownies Prank Step 3

Tell your parents you’ve made some fresh brownies then watch their faces as you unveil your fresh brown Es! LOL

Family Photo Prank Step 1

This one is easy and hilarious! Simply cutout some photos of celebrities from magazines or newspapers. Find a family photo in your home and attach the celebrity face over a parent’s face! Do it on the outside of the frame so you don’t wreck the photo.

Family Photo Prank Step 2

Add some silly and extreme celebrity examples in there and see how long it takes your family to notice! We’ve gone for Ed Sheeran, BeyoncĂ© and Donald Trump. 

Neverending Sock Prank Step 1

For this prank you’ll need to gather as many paper clips as you can then go to mum or dad’s sock drawer. 

Neverending Sock Prank Step 2

Use the paper clips to clip together as many pairs of socks as you can! 

Neverending Sock Prank Step 3

When they come to take a pair of socks out of the drawer in the morning they’ll pull out a huge neverending line of socks!