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The 5 Dance Crazes Everyone is Talking About

From the Floss dance to the Pon Pon Pon, these are the silly dances we can't get enough of.

Dance crazes come and go but these fine are the ones we can’t get enough of right now! 

The Pon Pon dance has become famous as Fortnite YouTuber Ninja’s winning celebration song and dance. But did you know that it originally came from a pretty crazy Japanese music video from 2011? 

The Best Mates dance is simply a hilarious way of running that was invented by Marlon Webb. It’s good exercise too! 

The Orange Justice dance story is inspiring. Originally a kid submitted the dance idea to a Fortnite dance emote competition. At first some people mocked it, but it since got added to the actual Fortnite game and now everyone loves it! 

The Loser dance aka ‘Take the L’ does what you think it would do – makes you look a bit silly when you’ve just lost a game. Use it wisely. 

And finally we look at the Floss dance, the arm-swinging craze invented by Russell Horning, also known as the ‘Backpack Kid’. His dance invention has taken him all the way to dancing with Katy Perry! That’s what inventing a funny dance craze can do. 

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