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The Anti-Football Quiz!

If you're bored of the football, this quiz is for you! Take it now and find out what you should be doing instead of watching the football! Anything's better!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 5th 2021

Β Bored of the Euros? Take this quiz to find out what you should be doing instead of watching boring sport!


How much do you like football?


Pick a winter sport


What do you hate most about football?


Pick an animal


How quickly do you pick up new skills?


Pick an outdoor game


How adventurous are you when it comes to food?


What was the last thing you read?


Pick a noise


Pick a made-up football club


What's the SECOND worst sport, after football?


Finally, which of these terrible things would you rather do than watch football?

Make some food!

Put on your chef's hat and make something delicious! Maybe you're a culinary master already, or maybe you've never made anything - go crazy with your imagination and make something no one's every tasted before! Like a cranberry and marmite sausage sandwich!

Watch a movie!

Chances are you're a huge movie buff, so draw the curtains, get out the popcorn and put on your favourite flick! Or why not try one you've never been before?

Learn something new!

Rather than spending your time grumbling about the football, why not take the chance to learn a brand new hobby? There's loads of stuff to try, so see if you can take a Euros-worth of time to try out a new skill. You could try: origami, animation, fashion design, first aid, writing your own magazine, baking, birdwatching, self-defence, orientation, embroidery, knitting, gardening or fort building!