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The Awesome Animals of Beanotown!

Which Beanotown beast is best?

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  February 11th 2018


Everybody's favourite Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripehound, Gnasher is as much a part of Dennis's gang as Rubi, JJ, or Pieface! Don't get in the way of his super-strong gnashers though!


Along with the rest of the science hamsters, Galahad is always up for some micro-sized mischief! He loves high-5, and riding around in the gang's remote-control tank.


The noisiest, hairest, and second-smelliest creature in all of Beanotown forest, watch out for the Yeti! The Yeti hides away in a cave to avoid being disturbed by normal boring humans!


Gran's pet pig is a whole heap of trouble! Rasher is big enough to strap a saddle to, and strong enough to chuck you off it - she loves snacks andΒ 

Gnashersaurus Rex

A relic from ancient Beanotown, the revived Gnashersaurus is a force to be reckoned with. Towering in size, with teeth even more powerful than Gnasher's gnashers, try not to make this beast mad.


Walter's pet Clawdia is as nimble as a cat (...because she is a cat). She carries out Walter's bidding with ninja-stealth and superhero speed. Like Walter, she see Dennis and Gnasher as enemies - beware!


Last but not least, the freaky, frightening, funny-looking Beanobird. This dodo-like creature is said only to inhabit Beano, and makes one of the most annoying noises on the planet.