The Awesome Animals of Beanotown!

Which Beanotown beast is best?


Everybody's favourite Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripehound, Gnasher is as much a part of Dennis's gang as Rubi, JJ, or Pieface! Don't get in the way of his super-strong gnashers though!

Gnasher is a dog!


Along with the rest of the science hamsters, Galahad is always up for some micro-sized mischief! He loves high-5, and riding around in the gang's remote-control tank.

Galahad and the science hamsters


The noisiest, hairest, and second-smelliest creature in all of Beanotown forest, watch out for the Yeti! The Yeti hides away in a cave to avoid being disturbed by normal boring humans!

The Yelling Yeti


Gran's pet pig is a whole heap of trouble! Rasher is big enough to strap a saddle to, and strong enough to chuck you off it - she loves snacks and 

Rasher Running Around

Gnashersaurus Rex

A relic from ancient Beanotown, the revived Gnashersaurus is a force to be reckoned with. Towering in size, with teeth even more powerful than Gnasher's gnashers, try not to make this beast mad.

Gnashersaurus Rex


Walter's pet Clawdia is as nimble as a cat (...because she is a cat). She carries out Walter's bidding with ninja-stealth and superhero speed. Like Walter, she see Dennis and Gnasher as enemies - beware!

Clawdia is Walter's cunning sidekick


Last but not least, the freaky, frightening, funny-looking Beanobird. This dodo-like creature is said only to inhabit Beano, and makes one of the most annoying noises on the planet.

Walter hates the Beanobird

Which animals do you think is the most awesome?

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