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The Battle for Bash Street Character Quiz

Which one of the Battle For Bash Street characters are you? Hope it's not a teacher! Take the quiz inspired by this awesome new book and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 28th 2022
1/12 Man giggling on white background with rubber chicken and whoopie cushion

How many pranks have you pulled in the last month?

2/12 Angry looking teacher in front of blackboard with yellow splats

How well do you get on with authority figures?

3/12 Children doing science with beaker full of green liquid

What's your favourite school subject?

4/12 Screaming pineapple on skateboard on white background

Favourite method of travel?

5/12 Boy alone in classroom with surprised giraffe

How many detentions have you had in the last month?

6/12 Pile of sausages with faces on white background

Ideal breakfast?

7/12 Man with trophy celebrating with yellow splat

How much do you care about awards?

8/12 Child doing homework with sick emoji

Have you done your homework?

9/12 Someone cutting grass with scissors with rubber chicken

Which of these is the worst punishment?

10/12 Woman with rocket shoes flying over city with arrow

If you were part-robot, what powers would you want?

11/12 Dinosaur bones in ground with goofy dinosaur skeleton

If you fell into a weird hole, what would you want to find in it?

12/12 Woman in teacher's cap pondering with blue question mark on grey background

If you ran a school, what would the motto be?

Rubi result


You're super smart with a wicked sense of humour! You love to embarrass people with your quick wit, but you're also a loyal friend!

Dennis result


You're Dennis! You're the chief of pranking! You love chaos and mischief, but you've got a good heart and you care about your friends!

Mrs. Clamp result

Mrs. Clamp

Uh oh, you're Mrs. Clamp! You love authority, homework and following the rules! Sorry!

Pieface result


You're Pieface! You love your friends, pranks and pie!