The Bermuda Triangle, Explained!

One of the world's greatest mysteries, solved, kinda!

There's a new island in the Bermuda Triangle!

That sandbar wasn't there before – it's appeared over the last few months, but people are being warned to avoid it.

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The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious area of the sea where loads of accidents happen

Ships go missing, planes have trouble navigating and get lost, and lots of other things go wrong in various ways. But what's really going on there?

Bermuda triangle - mystery

POSSIBILITY 1: Aliens... from Atlantis!

Some people think that advanced-but-lost technology from the mythical sunken kingdom of Atlantis is to blame for the triangle's weirdness - possibly even alien technology!

Bermuda triangle - aliens!

POSSIBILITY 2: Weird weather!

There are theories that the area is just really stormy, with weird, unique kinds of tropical cyclones occasionally showing up there. A particular type of cloud called the hexagonal cloud is sometimes found there, which is really confusing because it's a hexagon within a triangle.

Bermuda triangle - awful storms

POSSIBILITY 3: Windy-pop gas?

Methane, which is the gas produced when you've had beans for tea, might be responsible. Some people reckon that huge bubbles of natural methane eruptions might lurch up out of the water every so often and disrupt everything,

Bermuda triangle - methane

POSSIBILITY 4: Something nobody's thought of yet, like a big cat or something

Bermuda triangle - giant kitten

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