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Squishies : The 10 Best Ever!

We've ranked the top 10 squishies out there! But which one will win?

10. Millie and Billie the Whale

Millie and Billie the Whale are iBloom squishies and now come with different facial expressions!They’re just so cute and small! 

9. Squishy charms

Squishy charms come in all different shapes and sizes! They’re perfect for carrying around with you. 

8. Unicorn squishies

What’s better than Unicorns and Squishies? Unicorn Squishies! They even come as donut and cake Unicorns too! 

7. Nyan pancake cat squishy!

We love this iBloom cat one! It smells like butter too! 

6. iBloom marshmallow bear squishy

This marshmallow bear is so cute! It’s as soft as a real marshmallow! 

5. Hello Kitty donut squishy

We love these donuts. They look good enough to eat!

4. Animal squishies

Animal squishies are just so cute! They come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s impossible to pick our favourite. We do love this Alpaca though!

3. Squishy buns

These squishy bread buns are super cool. They look and smell just like real bread!

2. Jumbo watermelon squishy

These are HUGE! They are meant to be very slow rising too. Amazing!

1. Jumbo cornet squishy

This squishy is massive! It’s got a cute panda face at the top too. It’s super slow rising and so cool!