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The Best Orbeez Experiments

Check out these awesome Orbeez experiments

We all love Orbeez but you might not have seen these epic Orbeez experiments.

Have you ever seen an Orbeez waterfall? Or what about an Orbeez Volcano?

If you fill a swimming pool with 25 million Orbeez and jumped in would you float or sink?

What would an Orbeez spitting water snake look like? Is it possible to make a bean bag out of Orbeez?

In this video we answer all of these questions as we’ve collected a selection of the coolest Orbeez experiments that will make you say “Wow”.

So which way would you play with Orbeez? Here’s some cool ideas!

Fill a big bucket!

Come on, don’t pretend you don’t want to!

Have a big bath (of Orbeez)

When mum runs your nightly bath, don’t fill it with water, fill it with Orbeez!

And, er, become a Spider-Orbeez?

As if anyone needs an excuse to dress as Spider-Man? But throw in some Orbeez and now you’re talking!