The Dude Perfect Ultimate Trivia Quiz!

How much do you know about these basketball trick shot YouTube legends? Take the quiz and find out!

Let's go!

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The Dude Perfect channel went viral following the release of which video?


What kind of animal is Dude Perfect’s mascot?

Image by The Dude Perfect Show | Giphy

Who is deemed the trick shot artist of Dude Perfect?

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What is Cory’s brother called?

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Apart from the panda chap, how many people make up the Dude Perfect team?

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What do you think about the age ratings on computer games?

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Which member of the Dude Perfect team released a book called Go Big: Make Your Shot Count in the Connected World?

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The Dude Perfect YouTube channel has over how many subscribers?


OK, then, which member of Dude Perfect is in the panda suit?

Image by The Dude Perfect Show | Giphy

Where did the Dude Perfect team meet?


Which world-famous basketball team invited the Dude Perfect members to join them in 2015?

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