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15 Question Easy Football Quiz!

You'll love this easy football quiz even if you don't know much about football!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 18th 2022

Some football quizzes are really tough and tailored to those who eat, sleep and breathe football. This one, however, is more suitable for those with a passing interest in the beautiful game.Β 

See how many you can score!

1/15 The England football badge

England have never won the World Cup. True or false?

2/15 Jordan Pickford

What is the name of the player who guards the goal?

3/15 A sad football fan

What happens if the ball goes out of play on the side of the pitch?

4/15 A football tackle

How many teams play in the Premier League?

5/15 The current England manager

Who is the current England manager?


An extra tough question now! Which one's the football?


What do you usually use to move the football?Β 


Who wins?


Who's the GOAT?


10/15 What country does Messi play for?


11/15 What colour do Manchester Utd play in?


12/15 What colour do Everton play in?


What is a football pitch usually grown from


What is offside?

15/15 A bad goalkeeper

On which part of the pitch does the goalkeeper play?

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