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How to Make a Glitterbomb Card Prank

Glitter. Glitter everywhere.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 25th 2017

You will need

- a greetings card- tissue paper- glue stick- PVA glue- tissue paper- glitter

Step 1

Fold a strip of tissue paper and glue the sides together so it becomes a pouch

It should look like this

Step 2

Pour some glitter into the pouch. You don't need much to make a HUGE mess!

Step 3

Fold over the top of the tissue paper pouch and glue it down with the glue stick. It should look a bit like a teabag filled with glitter (but don't try drinking it).

Step 4

Squeeze some PVA glue onto the pouch and stick it down near the edge of the card

Add some PVA to other side too, and close the card so the pouch is stuck down on both sides. Don't add too much glue, or it'll take ages to dry!

Step 5

Now leave you card to dry. Make sure it's properly dried before you try pranking anyone, or it might not work.


Now give the card to your victim - when they open it it will rip the tissue pouch open, and glitter will fall out everywhere! Arrgh! This'll take ages to clear up!