The Golden Beano - Issue 5

It's the fabulous fifth edition! Share this digital Beano with your friends and family, and let's all spread laughs together!

Beanotown is the place where the fun NEVER stops! We're making sure everyone gets a lockdown laugh by giving away this Boredom Busting Golden Beano!

Share this digital Beano with your friends and family, and let's all spread laughs together!ย 

Hand-picked from our secret archives, itโ€™s packed with comic strips, puzzles and jokes, and the most memorable moments from over 80 years of comic genius. These pages are golden, not olden.

You can grab a different Golden Beano every month. Download your copy to enjoy a taste of what you can look forward to every week in the new and original Beano comic.

Our brilliant Beano comic is still be on sale in the shops, but families can avoid going out AND save money by having Beano delivered every week with our extra special lockdown subscription offer! See inside for more details or ask a grown-up to visit the Beano Shop to subscribe to Beano.

So are you ready for some laughs? Click the comic below to get going.

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Once the download is completed, you'll be able to browse the Golden Beano comic to your heart's content!

Golden Beano Number 5

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