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The Great British Bake-Off Raspberry Mystery

Britain's breadiest show is back, but there's something missing...

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 11th 2017

This bit from the opening credits of the Great British Bake-Off is enraging some people!

They're all like "AHH, I CAN'T WATCH THIS, I'M GOING MAD!"

Channel 4

Why? Well, there seems to be a raspberry missing! But where could it be?

It's like it's been specifically removed (from the spot we've circled) in order to annoy people!

Channel 4

In Sandi's gob?

Nah, it can't be, she's always talking

Channel 4

Inside Noel's eyeball?

Nope, it would fall out whenever he pulled a funny face

Channel 4

The only possible answer: Mary Berry's nicked it and is keeping it in her house.

Mary Berry, eh? EVIL.

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