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This Gregory Brothers Quiz Is Off The Scale!

Are you a fan of these musical meme lords? Prove it! Test your knowledge of the funniest family on Youtube with this internet-breaking quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 6th 2023

Is it corn? Or course it is! If you fancy yourself as an expert when it comes to this a-maize-ing musical family, then this is the perfect opportunity to show the world! So if you think you're ready - let's see how much you know about the Gregory Brothers and their ridiculous viral discography!


First up - are the Gregory Brothers actually one family?


How do you spell the name of their Youtube channel?


Are they all brothers?


Who's the drummer?


They first got famous making funny songs out of what?

@schmoyoho | youtube

Who sings the original version of this song?


What is it?


Which of these people have the Gregory Brothers made music with?


When they make a remix of something, what do they do?

@schmoyoho | youtube

Nowadays, what do they songify?

@The Gregory Brothers | Youtube

Uh oh! Andrew is really squinting to try and see your score! He's not found it yet though! You'd better try again - this is not the best result he's ever seen! Never mind - plenty of other music quizzes if you'd rather give them a go!

@The Gregory Brothers | Youtube

Not bad! Andrew has seen worse... but then he's also seen better! This is a pretty good score though, so not bad! Do you want to try and score even higher? If so - give this quiz another go! If not, let's move onto the next music quiz. We've got lots more!

@The Gregory Brothers | Youtube

Great! You nailed this quiz! Andrew is very pleased! Well done! This score is very impressive - but you did juuuuust miss out on full marks. Do you know where you went wrong? Let's try another music quiz and see if you can score full marks on that, instead!

@The Gregory Brothers | Youtube

Wahoooo! Full marks! This is an amazing result! You really know your stuff! Andrew is very impressed (we think - it's hard to tell from this expression). Fancy seeing if you can get another 10/10 on a different music quiz? There's only one way to find out!