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Test Your Hobbit Knowledge with This Quiz!

What do you know about these furry-footed saviors of Middle Earth? Test yourself with this hobbit book quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/13 The Hobbit book

Who is the Hobbit in The Hobbit?

2/13 The Hobbit quiz

Fill in the blank! Hobbits are ___ than Dwarves.

3/13 Hobbit quiz 1

What do Hobbit doors look like?

4/13 A sprout in a fantasy landscape

What are Hobbits also called?

5/13 Gollum

Gollum was originally a kind of Hobbit before he found the Ring. True or false?

6/13 A giant spider

What's the name of the giant spider Bilbo has to fight?

7/13 A dinosaur-like creature on a beach

Where did Smaug hide his treasure?

8/13 Two Hobbit characters in a library

How do Bilbo and the Dwarves escape from the Hall of the Elvenking?

9/13 Characters from The Hobbit

Which of these is NOT a Dwarf in the Hobbit?

10/13 A rabbit eating some hay

Hobbits have furry....what?

11/13 A sprout holding a sword

What makes Bilbo's sword glow blue?

12/13 A gif of a bear lying around
@bbc | giphy

Which character in the Hobbit can transform into a bear?

13/13 A red Hobbit door

What's Bilbo's home called?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear. Not into the Hobbit? Never mind!

Result: Not bad

Not too shabby! We'll make a Hobbit expert out of you yet!

Result: Nice

Good work! You know your Hobbits!

Result: Epic

Woah! High score! Bilbo is impressed!