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Can You Save The Planet Quiz

Play this great green quiz and... well, and SAVE THE PLANET!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
Nicolette Groome via Giphy

It’s breakfast. Toast for starters, but your little brother has left his crusts. Where do they go?


Eight bowls of cereal later and you’ve emptied the cornflakes. Dad bungs the box in the bin. What do you say?

The Chive via Giphy

It’s time to clean your teeth. Are you going to leave that tap running?

4/10 via Giphy

Leaving the house. Anything you’ve forgotten


School time. It’s not too far. How are you getting there?


Your school bins aren’t recycling bins. What you gonna do about it?


7/10 School dinners! What’re you eating?


Home time! There’s time for a game of football but you’re too big for your football kit. What should you do?


Stop off on the way home to go to the toyshop. What are you getting?

The Local | Youtube via Giphy

Almost time for bed. What are you up to?

Oh no! You've got a lot to learn about the helping the Earth, but don't worry, it's not too late. Start by asking your teacher or parents for some ideas about how you can help.

Nearly there! There isn't much you don't know about the saving the planet. Why don't you get together with some friends to share ideas about how else you can help?

Top Marks! You're an expert in saving the Earth! But there's no time to lose. You need share your MASSIVE knowledge with everybody you know! We can fix this together!