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Will The Hundred Quiz Bowl You Over?

How much do you know about this exciting, fast-paced version of cricket?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2022

The Hundred is a new, awesome spin – sorry – on the awesome game of cricket. While traditional international test matches can last up to five days, The Hundred is a quick-paced game where there's no time to mess around. But how much do you know about the game? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

1/10 A cricket bat and a white ball

Let's start with an easy question. Why is this cricket game called The Hundred?

2/10 A cricket bat rests against the crease

What happens after 10 balls have been bowled?

3/10 A cricket player with a white ball

What's the maximum number of balls one player can bowl in a match?


4/10 What is the name of the men and women's team based in Birmingham?

5/10 A map of the UK with a cricket background

Which counties do Welsh Fire / Tân Cymreig represent?

6/10 A cricket player with a bat and white ball

Which team beat Southern Brave in the 2022 women's finals of The Hundred?

7/10 A game of cricket

And who won the men's finals by two wickets in 2022?

8/10 A cricket player

In The Hundred, how many players are in each team?

9/10 A stopwatch

How long does one game usually last?

10/10 A cricket player celebrating a good score

Which player has scored the most runs in one game?

Result: Bowled out

Bowled out! Unlucky! Some of these questions were pretty tricky, to be fair. Not the score you wanted? Why not try again and you might do even better!

Result: Not bad!

Not bad! You did alright, but perhaps you were daydreaming about scoring the winning run to focus completely on the quiz. Don't worry, we've all done it. Not the score you wanted? Why not try again and you might do even better!

Result: Great work

Great work! You know a fair bit about cricket and The Hundred in particular. Why not have one more go and you might even get a perfect score!

Result: Amazing

Amazing! You're an expert on The Hundred. Do you play for one of the teams or something? A very impressive effort.