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The Language of Jokes Quiz!

How much do you know about how jokes work?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 31st 2022

The Language of Jokes Quiz

1/10 Woman boxing on purple background

What's the 'reveal' of a joke better known as?

2/10 Hand knocking on door

What's the name for the type of joke that usually involves answering a door?

3/10 Doctor on white background

Which phrase starts a type of joke about feeling ill?


What's another name for a joke that involves a play on words?

5/10 Hand holding a lightbulb

What item is featured in a type of joke that involves a number of people doing DIY?

6/10 Duck with baby ducks on road

Complete this famous first half a joke: Why did the ____ cross the road?

7/10 Baby seal pup smiling

What's the name for the first half of a joke?

8/10 Dad and daughter

What's the name for a particular type of rubbish, groan-worthy joke?ย 

9/10 Sheep with its tongue out

Complete this classic joke: What do you get if you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?

10/10 Woman on brown background with pen and paper

What's supposed to happen after you tell a joke?

Incredible Result

Joke-tastic! Either you're a professional comedian or just a huge joke fan, cos you've aced this quiz!

Well done result

Knock knock? Who's there? Someone who did really well on this joke quiz?

Try again result

Have you heard the one about the quiz taker who only got a couple of questions right? They tried the quiz again and did much better!

Oh no result

How many people does it take to do badly on a joke quiz? Just one; you! Never mind, have another go!