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The Ldshadowlady Minecraft Quiz

How well do you know Ldshadowlady?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/9 The shadow lady herself
@ldshadowlady | YouTube

Who is LdShadowLady?

Sesame Street | Sesame Workshop | PBS

Why is LDShadowLady called Ldshadowlady?

The Revenant | Regency Enterprises, RatPac Entertainment, New Regency Anonymous Content, M Productions, Appian Way Productions | 20th Century Fox | Alejandro González Iñárritu

So if LD are her initials. What is her name?

@ldshadowlady | Instagram

What’s LDShadowLadys’s Cat called?

@ldshadowlady | Instagram

What’s her husband’s name?


Where did they meet?


7/9 What’s her least favourite colour?


She's famous for Minecraft but what game did she first post on youtube?

The X Factor | SyCo Productions | ITV

What famous TV meany does she share a birthday with?

@ldshdowlady | Instagram

Uh oh! You know as much about Ldshadowlady as my gran knows about FIFA20

@ldshdowlady | Instagram

Not Bad! So maybe you're not the biggest fan but you still know one thing  about Ldshadowlady: She's freakin' awesome!

@ldshdowlady | Instagram

Big Win. If I didn't know better I'd assume you're Ldshadowlady herself and you're filming yourself doing this quiz as some kind of clever youtube content. That would be crazy!