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The Menace Test 3927

Try out this week's virtually impossible Beano quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Can you get a virtually perfect score?

1/5 Bash Street Kids attempt a competition

What kind of competition are the Bash Street Kids having?

2/5 Ruib's machine-made spaghetti

Who requested Rubi's machine-made spaghetti?

3/5 Tricky Dicky pranks Mr Throbb

What two items does Dicky use to prank Mr Throbb?

4/5 Soppy Susan Undercover

Soppy Susan goes undercover - but what name does she call herself?


What wakes up Betty and the Yeti?

No Beano!

No Beano! Flip through those pages again and see if you can do better!

So Beano!

You really know your stuff - or you're really good at guessing!