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The Menace Test โ€“ Beano No. 3909

Test your Beano knowledge with our skate-tastic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 1st 2017

The Menace Test - Beano No. 3909

Can you answer all the questions about this week's Beano?

1/5 The Beano Skatepark gets shut down

Who ordered the skate park to be closed?

2/5 Paul the potato is the judge!

Who is on trial in Paul the Potato?

3/5 Roger can't dodge these spoilers!

What show is Roger the Dodger missing out on?

4/5 Which tubby adult is that?

Which grown up goes undercover at Bash Street School?

5/5 Keep reaching Yeti!

What's Yeti struggling with?

Uh oh - did you read through this week's issue at whizz speed?

Nearly there, but just not quite! Read it again and get it all right!

Perfect! Full marks - top of the Beano scoreboard!