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The Menace Test โ€“ Beano No. 3910

Test your Beano knowledge from this week's issue!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 8th 2017

Have you read this week's Beano?

How much of a Menace memory do you have?


1/5 Who builds the skatepark for Dennis?


2/5 What vegetable is essential for Tricky Dicky's prank this week?


3/5 What does Rubi's invention do this week?


4/5 What are the Bash Street Kids trying to get rid of?


5/5 Which of these is NOT one of Betty's suggestions for hiding a yeti?

No Beano!

Yikes! No points at all - that's NO BEANO!

Close, but not quite. Can you try again?

So Beano!

Perfect Score! You are SO BEANO!