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The Menace Test – No. 3903

Can you answer six questions on this week's Beano? It's the ultimate Menace test...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

The Menace Test - Beano No. 3903

1/6 The Bash Street Bugs

If this bug was a Bash Street kid, who would it be?

2/6 Paul the potato

Why is Paul the Potato furious?

3/6 Mr Throbb needs to go to the toilet

What's wrong with Mr Throbb?

4/6 JJ and Rubi from Beano

What happens to JJ right after this?

5/6 The Bash Street Kids

Where do the Bash Street Kids lock the Teacher Trainer?

6/6 The Numskulls from Beano

Who is Brainy chasing?

You chose poorly

Oh dear! Why don't you try the quiz again - you weren't trying... were you?

You chose wisely

Well done - you passed this week's Menace Test! Congratulations!