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The Menace Test No. 3933

Try out this week's rootin' tootin' Beano quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Can you win this duel of wits?

1/7 roger the dodger shed

How does Roger hide from angry Dad?

2/7 Rubi vacuum

What does Rubi use to fix the vacuum cleaner?

3/7 Bash Street Kids Cuthbert

What do the Bash Street Kids do with their homework?

4/7 Calamity James brolly Alexander Lemming

How many poor brollies did James destroy?

5/7 bananaman doctor gloom

What does Bananaman tie to his arms to battle Doctor Gloom?

6/7 dennis the menace biscuit tin

What pattern is on the biscuit tin?

7/7 JJ

Why didn't JJ want to touch the ground?

No Beano!

No Beano! Flip through those pages again and see if you can do better!

So Beano!

You really know your stuff - or you're really good at guessing!


That's a pretty perfect score! Keep on being SO BEANO!