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The Messy Marvel Memory Game!

It'll be egg on the face for Matt or Johnny if they forget their superheroes - but who is going to crack first?

When it comes to characters, Marvel is miles ahead of everyone… there’s loads!

Take Avengers: Endgame for instance.

Even though Thanos has done his best to get rid of half the people in the universe, there are still plenty of superheroes on hand – which means not only will that big, bad (and very purple) supervillain have a hard time keeping Iron Man and his pals quiet, it also makes counting Marvel characters a very tricky task indeed.

And because it’s a tricky task, we thought it would be funny to see how good Matt and Johnny were at remembering all those Marvel names… but there’s a twist!

Yep, we didn’t want things to get too easy, so every time Matt and Johnny forget a name, they get a forfeit – which in this case means a can of beans or cold custard all over someone’s head.

So if you want to find out who ends up with egg on their face (literally), then you need to watch this video!