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The Most Impossible Olivia Rodrigo Quiz

Think you know everything about Olivia Rodrigo? Prove it!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

Olivia Rodrigo is one of the most exciting artists in the world right now - her music is set to change the world and break every record. But if you think you know everything about her then it’s time to put your knowledge to the test - are you ready for it?


Where was she born?


Where is the music video for Obsessed set?


She started her career on the Disney Channel, but for what show?


Where did Olivia drive through in the song drivers licence?


Where is the video for ‘good 4 u’ set?


What is the name of her character in High School Musical?


What was the name of Olivia's first album?

8/10 A zebra and a cheetah in a big grassy field

What is the name of the last song on the album GUTS?


Which mythical creature is probably Olivia favourite?


Olivia used to write fan fiction about which boy band?

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Alright! We said this was an impossible quiz, and maybe we made it TOO hard because you really haven’t done too well on this quiz. But that’s okay, because after all you’ve got to start somewhere - so the bottom will have to do! If you think you’ve got it though, why not have another try at this quiz?

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Alright! You’ve done a decent job on this quiz! You clearly know Olivia’s music pretty well, but you're not quite an expert yet - sorry! But there’s much more to Olivia and maybe you need to check out some of the songs we’ve mentioned in the quiz, and maybe that’ll help you score better next time?!

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Pow! Now that’s more like it! There’s very little that you don’t know about Olivia Rodrigo, which is pretty impressive. We tried our hardest to make this quiz as impossible as we could but you’ve still managed to do really well on it. You should be really proud of yourself because you've proved that there is some serious quiz knowledge in that brain of yours! Nice work! But heck, if you fancied getting 100% on this quiz then why not have another try?

Epic! You aced the quiz and demonstrated that there’s nothing you don’t know about Olivia! Great work, we’re frankly astounded! They said it couldn’t be done, but you've really made the impossible, well, possible… Hats off to you! Why not take a moment to bask in the glory of your win and soak it all up? Feels good, right? You’ve earned it!