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The New LEGO Life App is Awesome

A new way to build online - brick by brick!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2021


LEGO Life is a brand new app filled with LEGO activities, funny videos, and a minifig designer!It's out for Android and iOS.

Make your own LEGO corner

You get to pick a nickname and choose a little place in LEGO Life to make their own.You can store your photos and make new creations. Ours is pretty blank so far, but our minifigure definitely looks like he's ready to make a mess!

Complete cool challenges

There are loads of awesome building challenges to get involved with. Upload your own constructions and then instantly share them with your friends on the app.

Minifigures on the move

In one challenge you have to take your minifigure out on an adventure and then take a picture to share it. Where would you take your minifigures?

Make a minifigure (or lots of them!)

The app lets you design as many minifigures as you like, and choose one as your avatar.You can make as many weird and wonderful combinations as you like - meet our new friends Evil Space-stache, Axe Cave, Princess Redskirt, and Doctor Purple-basket.

Introducing - Sir Ninja-Gator!

There are so many pieces to choose from when making your own minifigure. You can make some hilarious combinations.Choose some hair, a face, a body, legs, accessories, and even armor and a cape! There's also a 'random' button for even more crazy creations.


If you see something cool, you can like it and leave a comment on it, using these cool new Lego emoji

A whole wall of LEGO great stuff!

Currently you can filter between different LEGO sets, like Star Wars and Ninjago or pic 'n' mix your own!

Get building!