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The Pencil Crossbow

Another brilliant rubber band bow

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 23rd 2017

You will need

- Sticky tape- Cotton buds (for ammo)- 4 pencils- Plastic drinking straw- Rubber bands- Some help from an adult!

Step 1

Tie two pencils together at both ends with rubber bands

And tie the other two together as well, but only at one end

Step 2

Tie the pencils together in a cross shape with more rubber bands, like this:

Step 3

Cut a small piece of drinking straw off with scissors

Step 4

Slip the piece of drinking straw underneath a rubber band. It should look like this:

Step 5

Stretch a rubber band over the front two pencils and test it by pulling it back


Load your crossbow up with cotton buds...pull back...and fire! Make sure you don't fire it at anyone!