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Can You Ace This The Royalty Family Quiz?

Think you know this family of Youtube pranksters? Test yourself with this epic 10-question Royalty Family trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 3rd 2024

They're a big deal on Youtube - but you'll already know that if you're a fan of this family of pranksters! So take this quiz and find out how your Royalty Family skills stack up! Good luck - this quiz is trickier than it seems!

Ok... let's go!

The Royalty Family | Youtube

What is their catchphrase?


Where in the USA do the Royalty Family live?

The Royalty Family | Youtube

What kinds of videos do they make?

The Royalty Family | Youtube

Guess the title of this video!

5/10 A kid with a lollipop

How many children do they have?


Which South American country is the mum from?

The Royalty Family | Youtube

What is their oldest child called?


One of their dogs is called... what?

9/10 A Canadian Moose

The dad Ali is originally from... where?

The Royalty Family | Youtube

What is the middle child called?

@TheRoyaltyFamily | Youtube

Bah! Unlucky! This isn't your best work but don't worry. You can always watch a few more of their videos and then come back to have another go at this quiz! We're sure you'll score higher next time! And if not, we have lots more quizzes where this one came from!

@TheRoyaltyFamily | Youtube

Nice! This is a petty good score! You clearly know a thing or two about the Royalty Family! This is a decent score, but it's not quite your best - do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can score a bit higher next time round! Good luck!

@TheRoyaltyFamily | Youtube

Great work! You know loads about this family of Youtubers! Amazing! You very almost got a perfect 10/10 score - but you just missed out on one or two right answers. Never mind! Do you think you can beat this score on a different Youtube quiz? We have more were this one came from!

@TheRoyaltyFamily | Youtube

Amazing! 10/10! A perfect score! You know LOADS about the Royalty Family! Well done! This is a great result! You literally couldn't have done any better! Now, do you think you can match this high score on a different Youtube quiz? We have lots more!